How to Attract Clients when you’re New in Town

Article Banner Picture How to Attract Clients when you’re New in Town
As a business owner who has newly opening a business, this is your chance to wow your customers and create a lasting first impression. You have the freedom to run your business how you like, and while it can be intimidating at first, the rewards are worth it.
As a stylist or barber, there is no such thing as an “overnight success”, as building a list of loyal clients is not an easy task. It takes valuable time and money, but remember, you are building a career to last a lifetime.
Traditionally, a stylist starts their career by working for a salon as an employee. The salon takes care of all the marketing and attracts clients, while you offer your services. Eventually, if a stylist decided to branch off and become an independent stylist or business owner, the transition can be intimidating. The freedom that comes with running your own business is worth it, so keep reading to find out how you can attract loyal, repeat customers.


• You must offer your customers the ability to book online- this is not an option. Like you, your customers are also busy and they crave the convenience and ease of booking online
• Clients want to search and book their appointments on their own from their mobile device or tablet
• Beautster can help you manage Online Bookings- we also have a Concierge service to help you every step of the way


• Reviews build trust, and clients trust reviews
• Clients already read reviews for Restaurants, Hotels, Gyms and Beauty Products
• As a new Stylist in the area, you need reviews to build trust and your reputation- the more reviews you have, the better
• In the beginning, ask each client for a review- send an e-mail with Beautster’s marketing tool and include instructions on how to leave a review
• Offer $15 off the next service in exchange for writing a review- this should be included in your marketing budget
• Next time you are checking out an appointment, remind your customer that they will receive an e-mail with a link to leave a review
• Offer to cut your friends and families hair and ask them for reviews to build your online presence- do everything you can to gain lots of reviews!


• Always have business cards on hand- they should include a link to your Online Booking page and should offer 10% or 20% their next service so your customers don’t toss your card
• Hand out at least 100 business cards each month
• Find out who your ‘ideal’ customer is, and hand out business cards in public places where they spend time
• Visit businesses in your local neighborhoods and ask if you can leave a few business cards


• You’ve heard the term ‘you have to spend money to make money’- new clients are going to cost. The goal is to invest in new clients right away so you can earn your money back when they become your loyal customers
• Offer ‘value-added service’- pick a service that takes little time and resourced (brow waxing) and offers it for free to new clients who book one of your main services
• Be active on Social Media platforms- promote specials and include these specials on your business card


• Use your existing loyal customers to help attract new clientele
• Print referral cards and invite your loyal repeat customers to join your program
• Invite your clients to invite their friends and family in exchange for a small perk for each new customer they refer to you


• Building a customer list requires ‘hustle’. Get outside of your comfort zone, work late, spend less money on Starbucks coffee and more money on marketing efforts - get your name out there, and you will reap the rewards
• Attend farmer’s markets, craft shows, and other community events and mingle- hand out your business cards as often as possible
• Remember, business cards don’t cost a lot and gaining new customers is worth it


• Befriend other professionals- photographers, wedding planners, stylists, makeup artists and local fashion designers. Their clients will need beauty services, and you should be the first person they recommend
• Offer your new friends discounted services in exchange for every client they send your way

These are just a few creative ways to get a jump start on building your clientele. Think long-term, and remember that all your hard work in the short-term will pay off. Once the initial hard work is done, you will have the freedom to set your own hours and pricing, be your own boss and design your life the way you envision it.

Your Appointment Book is costing you Time and Money

Article Banner Picture Your Appointment Book is costing you Time and Money
Wouldn’t it be great if you could find a simple way to save thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours each year?

If you are still booking your appointments with pen and paper, you simply can’t compete with businesses who have long been offering Online Booking. Booking software not only helps you manage your schedule easily and efficiently, it’s an effortless tool meant to market your services and organize your entire business.
Here are the top 3 signs it’s time to ditch your appointment book and give Online Booking a try:

#1. You’re Wasting Time on Small Tasks rather than Focusing on your Craft

Spending countless hours scheduling clients, follow-ups, cancellations and dreaded no-shows is not only hurting your bottom line and wasting valuable time, it’s also draining your energy and causing daily frustrations. Never mind the time spent on keeping up with client communications, returning missed calls, replying to e-mails or sending out special offers.
Your time is precious, so stop wasting it and focus on your craft.
Here’s an example. If you schedule 25 appointments per day, spending an average of five minutes booking each client, that adds up to 10 hours per week! Instead, software like Beautster allows you to take care of all your small tasks so you can get back to making money.
TIP: You don’t need to work 70 hours per week, and you don’t have to stretch yourself thin. It’s all about working smarter, not harder to grow your business. Don’t sacrifice your personal time and precious family time because you’re not willing to change with the times – let Beautster show you how you can get time back in your hands.

#2. You’re not Building a Proper Client Database

We understand that you are accustomed to filling out your appointment book or desk calendar, and we also understand that sometimes change can be overwhelming. The fact is, you can scribble client phone numbers into your book, or you can let Beautster show you how to easily enter your client information, make edits, create mailing lists and organize each client’s important notes.
Beautster allows you to quickly locate each client’s information using a search bar – no more flipping through pages or misplacing it all together. Get back to spending quality time with your customer. Isn’t that why you are building a career in Beauty and Wellness?

#3. Your Marketing Efforts aren’t showing Results

Are you having a hard time filling your seats? You may need to rethink your marketing strategy. Marketing is an expensive business expense, right? It doesn’t have to be.
With an online profile, marketing on Social Media can be simple and completely free. Instagram and Facebook are great places to start, and by posting photos of your work, your customers do the marketing for you by Liking, Sharing, and Commenting. That’s free exposure for you, and a chance to attract new customers
Next, to effectively market yourself online, you’ll need a custom USL. A custom URL is simply a link which sends customers directly to your booking page. In order to get a URL, you must be online bookable.
The best part about having an online profile is clients can do most of the marketing for you, as mentioned above. Clients love to share posts they like, so make it easy for them by having a shareable link. Creating a referral program is yet another simple way to engage with your customers. Encourage your clients to post your link on their social media page after a service, and offer them a special deal for successfully referring a friend.

You simply can’t keep up with today’s digital world if you’re not flexible, adaptable and willing to listen to your customers. It’s time to take the leap and transition your business online.
Get rid of your appointment book to save you time, energy and money. Invest in Beautster’s salon management software today – we’ll help you every step of the way.

10 Reasons Why you Might be Losing Customers and what you can Do

Article Banner Picture 10 Reasons Why you Might be Losing Customers and what you can Do
As a Business Owner, you might panic when you lose customers, but don’t be too quick to jump to assumptions. This is your chance to learn about your customers and uncover why some of them are unsatisfied. After all, your customers are your greatest assets and you might be surprised by what you can learn from them.

Losing Customers can be a Learning Opportunity
Whether your unhappy customers have voiced their concerns or whether you aren’t sure where you went wrong, now’s your chance to gather useful feedback aimed at improvements.
If your customer has voiced concerns, don’t brush them aside.
• Could your staff improve their customer service skills?
• Are your customers commenting that they wish you offered more current trends?
• Does your business need a refresh? It might be time to invest in renovations or other small but much-needed updates.

On the other hand, what if you notice you are losing customers but you aren’t sure why?
This can be confusing, but if you want your customers to become loyal repeat customers, you must be motivated to understand them and do what it takes to correct any misunderstandings.
Before you make any changes, let’s take a look at some potential reasons you might have lost customers.

If your clients move and your location is no longer convenient for them, they may either switch to another one of your locations, or they might simply try a business that’s closer to them. Phew, in this case, you didn’t do anything to detract them. If, however, your loyal customers stop visiting without giving you notice, this might be a sign you’re lacking some communication with them.

Some things are out of your control, and things happen. Some of your clients may no longer be able to afford your services due to a change in their budget and spending habits, unforeseen family emergencies or a shift in their priorities. Good news, there’s nothing you could have done differently.
Note: you might consider offering the occasional discount to your loyal repeat customers, but in general be firm with your price points.

Unlike what we’ve discussed so far, this is an area you can definitely change. If your customers aren’t feeling valued, they are less likely to remain loyal. Let’s look at a few examples of ways you can foster your relationships with your customers to keep them coming back.
• Offer a loyalty and referral program
• Send out special offers, automated rebooking reminders, appointment confirmations and thank you notes – make your customers feel like VIPs
All of these and more can be handled by Beautster.

Take a look around – is your business clean, organized and inviting? If not, your customers will notice and steadily spread negative reviews.
• Are your workspaces and tools cleaned after each service?
• Are the floors and front reception are clean?
• Are the bathrooms clean?


• Are you flexible and able to provide the latest trends?
• Do you encourage your staff to attend training courses?
If you aren’t keeping up with what’s trending, your customers may seek someone else.

Do you feel that your clients are relaxed and invigorated after a service, or is your business chaotic and overwhelming?
• Offer free Wi-fi and beverages
• Play music appropriate for your environment and services
• Ensure that each client feels at ease and has a memorable experience


• Pay special attention to each customer’s individual preferences
• Remember details from previous appointments
• Take client notes to keep track of favorite products, allergies, and other preferences
Beautster offers a Client Notes tool, which allows you to keep track of important information. Remembering something small from a previous conversation can really make a lasting impression on a client.

Communicating with your clients is very important. During the appointment, you should be discussing their next appointment, and before your client leaves, schedule it.
If something comes up your client can always reschedule, but by booking their next appointment, this shows that you value them as a customer and you look forward to seeing them again.
If your client does not book their next service after their appointment, follow-up with them after a few weeks. Show them that you care, and they will come back again and again.

Times have changed, and customers are craving the ability to book all of their Beauty & Wellness services online. People do almost everything online including online shopping, online banking, making dinner reservations, even making doctor appointments and grocery shopping.
Why shouldn’t they be able to book your services online?

What’s the number one reason you may be losing customers? They don’t feel inspired and they don’t trust that you are an expert in your field.
• As a professional, show your customers that you know what is going to make them look and feel their absolute best
• Don’t be afraid to make suggestions
• If you have taken the time to really listen to your clients, be confident in your knowledge and recommendations

What to do when Clients say: You Charge too much

Article Banner Picture What to do when Clients say: You Charge too much
As a professional Beauty or Wellness service provider, you have likely experienced various types of customers, with varying budgets, personalities and service requirements. Similar to customizing each service to tailor-fit your clients’ needs, price points must also be custom in order to meet the needs of your customers. While careful thought must be put into your service menu and pricing so as not to discount your years of training, knowledge, and experience, inevitably from time to time you may hear: you charge too much, or can you offer me a deal?

How should you respond?
While Stylists, Barbers and Wellness professionals use their own discretion when deciding whether or not to offer discounted services, it’s important to stand your ground and be prepared to calmly, clearly and confidently explain your price points. Whether you are new to your industry or a veteran with years of experience, your customers will challenge you and test your price limits.
Your loyal customers likely accept your price points, but new or potential customers will sometimes compare your prices to other businesses. Here’s your chance to attract them to you versus your competitor and show them your passion for your craft.
Do you use high-end, quality products? Is your team of staff highly trained and experienced? Do you offer an experience, not just a service? These are just a few things to consider when interacting with a potential client. Your front desk staff should also be well-versed, as they are your customer’s first point of contact, and should be your team’s fiercest supporters.

Don’t be Intimidating, Angry or Defensive:
Regardless of your price points, your services will always be too highly priced for some customers. Luckily, there is a place in every marketplace for every budget. Instead of reacting negatively to price inquiries, your best bet is to provide quality answers to questions, backed by your knowledge and experience.
Here’s an example: Your cut and color price is too high, do you offer any deals? You could say: Tell me more about the type of service you are looking for. What kinds of products do you use for your hair at home? We only use professional salon quality products and each service is tailored to the unique needs of each customer. Do you typically visit high-end salons for your hair care services?
The better you know your customers, the more positive the experience will be for both parties. Perhaps your clients do not understand the true value of your services, so this is your chance to educate them. Each interaction is also a chance for you to learn from your customers not only about which price point they are comfortable with, but also about their unique preferences and motivations. On the other hand, here’s some food for thought; if your price points have never or rarely been challenged, now might be a great time to reassess them. Is it possible you’re not charging enough?

Should you Drop your Prices or Offer Promotions?
When you’re challenged about your prices, don’t be quick to drop them as you are risking clients assuming they can negotiate with you. It’s up to you if you feel your clients would place value on and appreciate occasional price drops, as long as you are ok with attracting deal seekers, who might only rebook with you if offered a discount.
Discounts work well if you are trying to fill empty seats during your off-peak times or to fill gaps due to last-minute cancellations or no-shows. Clients interested in trying out a salon for the first time might also appreciate a discount.
Most importantly, believe in your price points and be prepared to explain them. Ask questions, seek to understand your customers and help them understand the true value of the services you provide.
How you advertise your business also has a huge impact on client perceptions, as customers want to feel that there’s something unique about you that motivates them to book your services. Despite all your efforts, sometimes a client might not be the right fit for you and you realize that they will never feel satisfied with your price points because they are simply looking for something else. There is nothing wrong with being straightforward with your customers and letting them know that they are paying for more than just the service; they need to be aware that your price includes the products used during the service, your level of expertise and the experience itself.

Move On
If you feel a client is not the right fit for you, move on. Think about whether they will spread positive word-of-mouth, if they would book with you again in the future, or whether they are focused on the price rather than the service and results.
Focus on building and maintaining positive relationships with everyone you interact with. As a business owner, be welcoming - you never know who might book with you in the future and become a loyal customer because of your positive attitude and willingness to teach.
Not using yet to power your business? Sign up for free today and check out our unique Appointment Reminder, Client Notes, and No-Show/Cancellation Protection tools.

"Go Organic" With Your Next Online Booking: What Should Be Your Expectations

Article Banner Picture "Go Organic" With Your Next Online Booking: What Should Be Your Expectations
What are you doing to save the earth? Can you "Go Organic" with online booking for your beauty appointments? What should be your expectations for organic beauty products?

100% Organic

Can you "Go Organic" for you beauty salon appointments? Did you know there are organic hair colouring, manicure, pedicure, oil massage, shampoos, moisturizers and spray tans? There are also different levels of organic, going up to the most pure of 100% organic. If you like a healthier brand of living, then organic salon treatments should be right up your alley. They are created by more animal-friendly, eco-friendly, sustainable processes. Now, you can let your beauty shine through without damaging anything on this wonderful planet.

Animal Friendly

With certified organic products, there is a guarantee that they are not developed using animal testing. There are plenty of happy bunny rabbits out there, thanks to you. Their ingredients are from natural plants, nuts and oils that you might be able to actually pronounce. Unfortunately, too many man-made beauty products are alcohol-based and these tend to dry out your skin. Instead of having your efforts focused entirely on taking care of your skin, half your battle is simply re-introducing oils and moisturizers, which have been dried up. Organic beauty products work with your natural body oils. You will feel that they tend to soak in more naturally to your skin. There are fewer chances of you having serious chemical, allergic rashes or reactions with organic treatments.

Feel Natural

If you love to experiment with different hair colours, then going Green might also help you keep your hair healthy. Some of the more artificial hair colouring products will also dry out your skin. This could lead to premature graying and split ends. Organic hair colouring beauty appointments make good sense in the long run. When you complete your online booking, just specify your preference. This also is a great way for the beauty salon or spa to keep track of how many organic beauty appointments are made and which products are used. Your body was created to work best with organic products. They share your same natural chemicals and are compatible with your body. These hypo-allergenic products are less likely to cause rashes or reactions. Love the 100% organic products produced by your favorite Mother Earth.

Nighttime Rituals For Glowing Skin

Article Banner Picture Nighttime Rituals For Glowing Skin
Do you use the nighttime to heal and improve your beauty?
Would you like to learn 3 tips from a skincare pro about nighttime rituals for glowing skin?

Remove Makeup

Now, that you have left the spa, how can you keep your skin looking great? Of course, you might have many reasons for simply wanting to go to sleep immediately, without removing your makeup; but don't. As you know, makeup dries out your skin and keeping it on, can do a number on your beauty. Makeup can clog up your pores. Some skincare pros suggest leaving makeup removing wipes on your nightstand. That allows you to lay down to rest. After a brief rest, you can use the wipes to remove the outer layer of your makeup. Thankfully, these cosmetic removal wipes are quite affordable.

Perfect Moisturizer

After you thoroughly remove all of your old makeup, you will need to reintroduce oils. You have a wonderful natural system of body oils; but, when you remove your makeup, it will remove both the cosmetics and some of your skin's oils. Therefore, you will need to add a moisturizer thereafter. Start with a light oil. Thereafter, you should add a heavier moisturizer to get that beautiful glowing skin. This will help create a protective coating on your skin while you sleep. Your skin can hydrate and look great come morning time. Beauty pros suggest you moisturize about 15 minutes before you sleep. This allows the moisturizer to soak into your skin, not your pillowcase.

Sleeping Heals Skin

Your body heals itself when you sleep. If people get insomnia, they might eventually get headaches because their brain has not properly healed. Beauty sleep allows your skin to rejuvenate itself. Therefore, give it a boost by treating it with beauty ointments as a natural part of your nighttime rituals. Carefully read your beauty product ingredients. Some of them cannot be used during the day because they might break down or react adversely with sunlight. Now, is the time to use these special nighttime beauty ointments. Your beauty sleep will help you become ready and willing to conquer the world, the next day. Sometimes, providing the best beauty services includes DIY treatments for when customers leave your salon or spa. Also, allowing customers to book online using our Beautster spa scheduling software takes your service to the nth degree.

Are Existing Clients As Important As New Clients?

Article Banner Picture Are Existing Clients As Important As New Clients?
All successful businesses want a good mix of both existing clients and new clients. But is one, more important than the other? Are existing clients as important as new clients?

There was a dog with a bone in its mouth on a bridge. When it looked down into the water, it saw its reflection - "a dog with a bone in its mouth." It snapped and opened its mouth, trying to get the other dog's bone. It lost its own bone. This is the challenge of trying to balance existing clients and new clients.

High Growth is Contagious

Just like the aforementioned dog, you want to have both existing clients and new clients; but you don't want to lose your valuable clients in your desire to reach new markets. So, how do you succeed with this juggling act? The most mature companies have numerous existing clients, they have good cash flow and solid banking relationships. Loyal customers love your products and services and are more likely to share their good feelings with others through "word of mouth." The primary problem with "only" having existing clients, without many new clients is "growth." You can't really justify expansion. With so many costs increasing - energy, materials and even rent - you need to continue to grow as a business. So how can you keep your existing clients happy while attracting new ones?

Increase Word of Mouth

Beautster has found that when business owners say something about a product or service, only 14% believe it. On the other hand, when a customer says something about a product or service, nearly 90% believe it. Word of mouth is powerful. Beautster has put together a loyalty program, which can help you satisfy your existing clients, while attracting new clients. How does it do this? It rewards your clients with "points." When they earn 1,000 points, then they receive $10. They can earn points for signing up with Beautster, hiring Beautster workers and Social Media referrals. This is the way to encourage people to generate positive word of mouth on Facebook, Twitter and other Social Media. Beautster incentivizes beneficial activities.

Beautster Loyalty Program

What is better than having your existing clients do your "marketing for you?" This has many key benefits. One, it is cheaper. Two, the new clients are more likely to believe the existing clients. The customers have actually used the products and services and can be honest about how they were. This Beautster Loyalty Program will make existing clients "more valuable." They will become stakeholders in promoting your brand. The entire process creates bonds of trust, understanding, and unity. Balance existing clients and new clients with the Beautster Loyalty Program.

How to Hire a Perfect Makeup Artist for an Event or Wedding

Article Banner Picture How to Hire a Perfect Makeup Artist for an Event or Wedding
So, you are preparing for that special day - wedding, anniversary, you name it. How can you hire the perfect Makeup Artist? Follow these instructions to create wonderful long-lasting memories.

Certain events will generate photographs that will be viewed for years or even decades later. Make sure to find the perfect Makeup Artist for your wedding, anniversary of special get-together. Here is "How to hire the perfect Makeup Artist in 4 steps or less."

Makeup Artist Specialties

1. "I want this." You probably have a wedding registry of what your friends and family should purchase to complete your household. Do you have a Social Media page? There, you could put up samples of celebrity looks that you want for your wedding. This will be a great way for the Makeup Artists, you interview, to identify exactly what you want.
2. "What are your specialties? It can be difficult to find someone with exactly the same type of makeup talents that you are looking for. Once you find a potential makeup artist, check out their Instagram page. What shades of colors, do they prefer? Are they experienced with all skin tones? What are their favorite makeup products? Are they better at natural or glamorous looks?
3. "Are you certified?" Some Makeup Artists are certified or licensed. This might be very important for someone whom you are trusting with your professional wedding photographs. Have they worked at local theatrical performances? This will give them the experience of creating professional makeup looks; it also teaches them valuable time management skills. Can they use waterproof makeup? Of course, there might be some crying at your event.
4. "I am allergic to certain cosmetic ingredients." If you are particularly sensitive, you might want hypoallergenic cosmetics to be used. You should make sure that this is discussed. How many women will need to have their makeup done? If there are dozens of women, then you need to ask if the Makeup Artist is going to have any assistants. How long will it take to finish each woman's makeup? Of course, most will expect the Makeup Artist to travel, so be expected to pay for travel expenses. Tell the Makeup Artist when and where you expect them to be. Ask what you need to provide.

Beautster Helps Brides Look Their Best

There are millions of different highly-skilled professionals who can perform a number of very important tasks to improve your life. When you want to look perfect, you need to find the perfect Makeup Artist. We, at Beautster, have the professionals to satisfy your needs. Give us a call and spread the word: the perfect Makeup Artist helps you make that special day, the best!

How to Hire a Great Massage Therapist

Article Banner Picture How to Hire a Great Massage Therapist
Do you feel stressed out with tension in your neck and back muscles? Would you like to hire a Massage Therapist? Learn how to hire a Massage Therapist – ask them these 9 questions.

After an accident, you might want to hire a Massage Therapist for Rehabilitation. Or, you might simply want to have some of that "stress" kneaded out of your neck and shoulder muscles. Here is "How to hire a Massage Therapist - 9 questions to ask" to get the best service.

How to Hire a Massage Therapist

1. "How much should I expect to pay for a massage?" The rates will depend on your local area, along with the treatment and location for the massage - spa, studio or your home. A general rule of thumb is to expect to pay about $1 per minute of your massage, plus any traveling expenses.
2. "Are Massage Therapists" certified? Yes, some Massage Therapists are certified or licensed. Ask them about their experience too.
3. "What happens during the first massage?" Generally, the masseuse will ask you questions. She will try to get you relaxed. She will also learn about which parts of your body need the most attention. She will ask about any tender areas, injuries and how deep, you want the massage to be.
4. "Can I be fully clothed?" Absolutely. You can cover any parts of your body, which you like. You can wear a swimsuit, towel or sheet for privacy. In fact, Thai massage is fully clothed and no oils are used.
5. "What happens during a home visit?" Why do you want the home visit? Are you disabled? Do you want a special treatment? Generally, the massage therapist will have more hot stones, oils, and accessories at the studio.
6. "Which is the best massage?" It all depends on what you need. Prenatal massage is great for mothers. Swedish massage will use oils. Thai massage concentrates on pressure points and is fully clothed. Deep tissue massage is great for problem areas.
7. "What massages are best for injuries?" Some massage professionals have special sports injury and rehabilitation expertise. You might want to get a doctor's clearance, just in case.
8. "Respecting massage professionals." It is important for you to answer all questions honestly and treat the Massage Therapist with the utmost respect. That way you can get the most out of the session.
9. "Multiple sessions are best." One session might be great, but if you have deeper muscle problems, then multiple sessions might be needed.

Relax & Feel Better

Life is full of stress, we at Beautster understand that. Contact Beautster to find an experienced Massage Therapist in your area.

10 Things Your Hairstylist Won’t Tell You, But Wants You to Know

Article Banner Picture 10 Things Your Hairstylist Won’t Tell You, But Wants You to Know
Hairstylists are masters of their trade, and their clients expect consistency and world class treatment. Much is left unsaid in the shop, but there are many things stylists wish people understood about them.

Since the time when barbers displayed red and white poles, they have been considered a type of best friend for most people. There is nothing that can brighten a person's outlook like a sharp haircut, or a new trendy style. The hairstylist's first job is to make clients feel welcome, with assurances that they will look better after an appointment than when they walked in. There are things, however, that some clients never grasp about the person styling their hair. Every stylist wants clients to know the following truths, but offer restraint in light of client service.

Hairstylists Prefer Certain Titles

Some stylists like the term “barber,” others like “stylist.” In urban areas, a person wielding scissors and color might prefer “aesthetic hair technician.” They'll never tell a client unless asked because correcting a client's speech is a sure way to lose the following appointment.

It Takes More Than Hair To Be A Model

When a woman brings in a photo of Jessica Simpson, or a man brings in a photo of Christiano Ronaldo for the stylist to recreate the look, it's likely to be accomplished. What cannot be done, however, is the automatic transformation of a client into the models themselves. Clients might have to settle for primped and average.

Waiting Areas Are For Waiting

While a shop might go to every length in creating a comfortable wait area, it doesn't necessarily mean a wait staff is available for catering. Questions about product sales, style consultations, and general conversation should be reserved for appointment times. It causes a great deal of stress for a stylist to ignore a present client to address those waiting.

Hairstylists Have Down Days

Stylists are not machines. They are humans with similar life issues as everyone who walks through their shop door. A bright smiling face is important to wear in this industry, but clients should not be surprised if every once in a while their stylist is less-than-perky.

Not All Male Stylists Have Alternative Lifestyles

Some men have an extraordinary talent and vision for making hair look stunning. They probably want to look great at work also. Unless there is an outward and purposeful show of continual flamboyance, clients should never assume anything about the orientations of male stylists.

Styling Talents Are Fostered Like All Other Career Skills

Just because stylists are performing a service task, it doesn't mean they are unqualified and uneducated. Most stylists go through years of formal training in subjects like art, physiology, chemistry, public relations, and business management.

Missed Appointments Are Inconsiderate

While a stylist understands that emergencies happen, missing an appointment is not a reason for not paying for scheduled appointments. Hairstyling is an occupation and a business. Time is valuable, and they will not always extend gratuitous freebies and reschedules.

Your Situation Is Not Always Unique

Conversation is an intrinsic part of serving hair clients. A stylist can be a great type of counselor, but because of client volumes, they've “heard it all before.” Stylists are masters of showing empathy, but they might not personally agree with your choices.

Hairstylists Labor Like Artists

It is physically taxing to be a hairstylist for many years. This job is tough on backs, shoulders, hands, and overall fitness. By the end of each day, hairstylists are tired from the work they do because they generally have their hearts, bodies, and spirits in the job.

A Huge Goal Is Secondary Sales

When it's all said and done, the day has only so many time slots for appointments. Using sales techniques to get clients to buy displayed products is vital to a hairstylist's income.

Most people forget these truths about stylists because of the fine lines that must be walked to maintain customer service levels while managing a classy shop. Hairstylists are masters of holding their tongues but would love nothing more than to tell clients what's really on their minds.
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