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About Beautster

Beautster is the first Canadian marketplace for beauty & wellness services, allows professionals to showcase their best work in the form of an interactive portfolio of photos, provides numerous ways to easily connect with new and existing clients, and helps seamlessly build their business with the help of unique business management tools designed specifically for the beauty and wellness industry.

Simple, timely and convenient, Beautster allows clients to browse photos uploaded by local professionals, find inspirational looks and easily book or request a quote for all Beauty & Wellness needs 24/7.

About Beautster
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Beautster Values
Take the initiative
When we see a problem, we don’t wait for someone to tell us to solve it.
We want to offer the best solution we can, so new ideas and approaches are valued.
Never give up
Building something from scratch isn’t easy. It requires grit, determination, and resilience.
Help our teammates
Everyone has an important role here. Our team mate’s success is our success.