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Find & get the best body scrub therapy near you in Canada 

Your skin is continuously dealing with dirt, pollution and whatnot. Your daily routine, your stress, oils, and sweat residues and the dead skin cells all together accumulate over your skin covering and hiding away the skin’s natural radiance. You can obviously cover them up with cosmetics and makeup but is it the right way to go on with? 

Your skin deserves a royal treatment, free of dust and dirt particles. Body scrubs help them achieve just that. Read on to find out the amazing magic of skin scrub. will help you find the best body scrubbing salon near you at the best prices. 


What is a Body scrub? 

Just like facial is to the face, a body scrub is to the body.  The aim of Body Scrubbing is to exfoliate and remove the dead skin cells, oils, dust, and dirt particles from the skin of your body and to hydrate it, giving you a beautiful, smooth, soft, and healthiest looking skin. A typical body scrub session is followed by a hydrating session where the skin is moisturized thoroughly to hydrate it back. It's a technique performed on the top layer of the skin only and no internal muscle will be affected during the scrub. 


Is Body Scrub good for your skin? 

Absolutely. Body Scrubbing aims to remove the unwanted, dry, and dull skin out of your body. It aims to remove the oils and dirt particles that accumulate and can cause problems of molds in your skin. A deep Body Scrub will exfoliate them giving you a very fresh, new, and rejuvenated skin. 

But care must be taken when choosing the scrub mixture. Some people are allergic to certain chemicals. Therefore, those chemicals must not be present in the scrub paste else the skin might start itching, swelling and becomes red after the scrub. 


How is Body Scrub done? 

A typical Body scrub session takes place in a wet room with clean tiled floor and drainages. You can wear optional disposable underwear. Once you are ready, you start with your face down lying on the table. The therapist will take the scrub and start rubbing it on your back. Slowly exfoliating the skin, they then move to your arms, the legs, the feet, and soon every part of the body. You then turn back over and the same procedure is repeated on your frontal side.  


Once the exfoliation is complete, the therapist will massage your body with oils and moisturizers to rehydrate your body with water lost with the exfoliation process. You are then advised to take a shower or in some cases, the therapist will, by themselves, rinse you off removing the tiny granules of the scrub paste off your body. 


 How long does a body scrub take? 

A good professional body scrub session will take anywhere between 30 minutes to 45 minutes but will also depend on the clinic. Some clinics offer much intense scrubbing session which can last for hours. 


Where can I get a good Body Scrub therapy near me? 

Visiting can answer your question in seconds. The website has sorted and listed down some of the top Body Scrubbing clinics from Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver, Edmonton. Korean, natural, Sugar, Epson salt, etc. All the types of body scrub massages can be foe=und here and you can locate the one’s convenient for you. The customer reviews and pictures will help you get an idea on the service provider and the prices will help you choose the clinic’s best fit for your budget.


 How much does a body scrub treatment costs? 

A typical spa will charge you anywhere between $79 to $90 but if you plan to get the same therapy from a resort, they might charge you over $130. You can get the price list of some of the most sophisticated Body Scrubbing Spas near you at  


 Does a Body Scrub hurt? 

The answer to this question will depend on the type of skin you possess. A very tight and rigid skin may hurt a little initially to loosening up the muscles but later you won’t feel a thing during the therapy. If you are used to the therapy, then scrubbing will just give you the results you need without a tiny bit of pain.