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Find & Book the best Swedish Massage Spa Near You all over Canada

You are probably reading this article because you are planning to get a massage and are confused about which massage style is best for you. Right? Well, if you are planning on massage therapy, why settle with any other massage options when you can get the most relaxing, satisfying and exfoliating massage in the whole world? Yes. You are damn right. We are talking about the amazing Swedish massage here.

What is a Swedish massage?

Swedish massage, also famous by the name ‘The Classis Massage’, is an amazingly relaxing massage therapy aiming to completely loosen all the tight muscles of your body while energizing you and leaving you stress and tension free. The soft, long kneading strokes on the topmost layers combined with the extremely light and rhythmic strokes on the skin and muscles provide you with the ultimate satisfaction of joy. 

Sometimes, a controlled movement of all the joints in the body is added with the Swedish massage to give you complete pleasure and comfort. It doesn’t work much on the deeper tissues but this therapeutic massage will work on the superficial muscles increasing the blood circulation in your body.

Benefits of Swedish massage therapy?

The ultimate question everyone asks, why should you even consider this type of massage? Well, the following list of benefits will make you book a session right away:

Vanishes pain: If you have any kind of chronic pain due to sciatica or osteoarthritis, let your therapist know. He will concentrate a good amount of time working on those points. The simple strokes will increase in blood circulation around these points making them heal faster and leave you pain-free.

Treats muscle injury: Your muscles might knit and fuse together if your work demands it. That does not mean it is good for health. A Swedish massage therapist will work on these points unknitting them and relaxing those layers of muscles.

Increases flexibility: Obviously, as the therapist unlocks the muscles, they become more relaxed. They have an increased range of motion making you more strong and flexible,

Stress Buster: A good hour or two of a Swedish massage will lower your cortisol level leaving you stress-free. Besides, as the cortisol level decrease, your testosterone level increases giving you more strength, energy, and a pleasant night’s sleep. 

Better immune system: Reduction of cortisol means all your stress hormones are being discarded. Now, the immune system can concentrate on more important tasks and help you grow stronger and healthier.

Does Swedish massage hurt?

A Swedish massage involves a good amount of kneading and stroking. So yes, you may feel pain sometimes but it’s the happy pain. The kind of pain where you feel happy and want it more. 

A Swedish massage often involves breaking and unlocking the fused muscles. These muscles sometimes need time to recover from the shocks of massage. 

How often should you get a Swedish massage?

This type of massage must not be taken every day. But depending on how fast your body recovers and of course your financial condition, you can get a Swedish massage therapy every week or month. Don’t wait for the pain, take a maintenance break once a week or two, and stay healthy, energized, and relaxed.

Where can you get the best Swedish massage experience in Canada? 

If you live anywhere near Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary & Edmonton, well it’s a Christmas eve for you. will acquaint you with some of the top massage spas in your area. These clinics offer the best Swedish massage you will ever experience. The professionals here have been through some intense training to give you an ever relaxing Swedish full body massage and also a complete Swedish back massage with ultimate satisfaction.

How much Swedish Massage Costs?

A typical session of a Swedish massage will cost you anywhere between $50 to $90. Hop in and book your slot today. Check out for the best prices.

Who should get a Swedish massage? Can pregnant women get a Swedish massage?

A Swedish massage is a simple technique of massaging the top layer of muscles. Therefore the massage style is for everyone out there looking for a relaxation session. Besides, the Swedish massage style is highly recommended for girls and women especially the pregnant ones. They tend to suffer from back pain more than men and a Swedish massage will help relieve the pain. Moreover, pregnant women suffer from clotting of blood near the calves and lower body. This can be painful and not healthy for both, the mother and the child.  A Swedish massage, not working on the deeper muscles, help unclog these blood clogs and ease the artilleries making the blood flow easily.

Go ahead and book a session today. Find and book the best salons for your next Swedish Massage session and experience the ultimate massage.