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Book a Microblading Appointment in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary and Toronto at the Best Salon Near you at Great Prices 

Whether you’d like to enhance your natural eyebrows or try a completely different look, microblading is a great way to change your look or achieve the brows you’ve always wanted. You’ll no longer have to draw on or fill in each brow since microblading is a safe and semi-permanent service that will save you time and drastically shorten your beauty routine. It’s the best feeling knowing that you can customize your brow shape and shade with the help of an experienced microblading tech. Always browse through portfolio images, compare prices, read reviews, and inform yourself about microblading aftercare and the healing process before booking an appointment to avoid surprises and disappointment. 

Where to Book the Best Microblading Appointment Near You in Canada at a Great Price 

Visit and book a microblading appointment in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary or Toronto. Salons are joining Beautster’s unique online marketplace daily, with plans to expand to London Ontario, Toronto, Montreal, Winnipeg, Kelowna, Victoria, BC, and the rest of Canada.

What is microblading?

Microblading is a semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo technique that creates the illusion of fuller or more defined eyebrows If performed by a trained professional, microblading looks completely natural once healed. Tiny brow hair strokes are made by a needle that injects ink just under the skin like a tattoo. Skilled brow techs can achieve 3d, voluminous, defined or natural brows. 

How long does microblading last?

If done correctly, microblading can last 1 to 3 years with minimal touch-ups. Since microblading ink pigments are not implanted as deep into the skin as traditional tattoos, they will fade over time. Your skin type, and whether it is oily, dry or a combination also factors into how long microblading will last on your brows. 

Does microblading hurt?

While pain tolerance levels vary from person to person, in general microblading does not hurt. Clients have described microblading as uncomfortable, but since a numbing cream is applied to each brow before starting the procedure, it’s not particularly painful. Small scratching or scraping sounds can be heard during the appointment, which can also be uncomfortable, so it’s best to relax and trust your brow tech.   

How much does microblading cost? 

As with many services, the cost of microblading can vary depending on the microblading tech’s level of experience. Typically, microblading ranges from $350 to about $800. Remember, use your common sense, since a low price isn’t always a good idea and won’t always result in the brows you imagined.  

Is microblading permanent? 

Microblading is a semi-permanent cosmetic procedure since the ink used to tattoo brows does not penetrate the skin as deeply as traditional tattoos. Tattoo ink penetrates into the skin’s dermis, while microblading ink does not go as deep, only reaching the dermal-epidermal junction. Therefore, over time the body naturally pushes out microblading pigments, resulting in microblading fading.  

Microblading healing stages 

Microblading takes approximately 7 to 14 days to heal, and about 1 month for the colour to fully set into your skin. Since microblading involves cutting and creating small strokes, there will be scabbing after the procedure. The scabs usually fall off after about 2 weeks, followed by the colour fading to reveal the true shade. The healing process and aftercare involve avoiding getting the area wet for up to 10 days.

It’s also important to keep your face dry in the shower, avoid applying makeup near brows for 1 week, and never picking or itching scabs. If all aftercare instructions are followed, you’ll be amazed by the amazing before and after results.