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Find and Book the best Hair Highlight Salons Near You in Canada

There's a reason why many girls opt for highlights. Highlights, apart from defining your hair, bring out eye color, accentuate cheekbones, and even accord a slimmer look to broad faces. They define the angularities of your hair cut, generate depth, and create fullness. They are an amazing stepping stone to full-length hair color. Also, despite what you may have heard, they sit well for all hair colors- including, but not limited to- black, brown-black, brunette, light brown, dark brown, red, and other colors.


Before you book an appointment for getting your hair highlighted, it would do you good to inform yourself about the various techniques stylists and colorists employ and find the best salon for the job in Canada.


What exactly are traditional highlights?

A traditional highlight is the process wherein sections of hair are parted and interwoven. Then each section is lightened from the root up to the ends while leaving some sections of natural hair here and there. To highlight the hair evenly, many different professional sectioning techniques are used. This does not leave a streaky and chunky result. The isolated sections of hair are folded into aluminum foils to separate the other hair.

Typically, some form of lightener is applied to lighten the hair. A highlight is the chosen section of hair used for lightening. It will have a lighter hue than the remaining volume of hair. 

Which highlights are best for my hair type and hair color?

There are millions of hairs highlights available. Every color and every shade of the color can now be chosen for highlighting. The two techniques generally used for highlighting are balisage (more commonly called freehand painting), and foil (or traditional highlighting). Depending upon the color (whether already dyed or natural), texture (whether straight, smooth or curly) and length (whether short or long) of your hair, your colorist shall choose a technique and style keeping in mind your preferences, price range and other suitability.

How much does a typical hair Highlight cost? Where can I get them done in Canada?

A typical Hair Highlight should cost you anywhere between $60 to $150 but will totally depend on the length of your hair, color, and the type of highlight you choose to get.

Does highlighting damaged hair?

Highlights have many consequences but it is definitely not as bad as bleach.  It will cause dryness and lacklustre to the hair making them look dull and unpleasant. If you keep highlighting your hair again and again very frequently, it may lead to greyness and falling of hair. Even coloring your grey hair brings out more grey hair. Hence, highlighting once in a while should be prioritized over frequently.


Is highlighter bad for your skin?

Sometimes, Yes. This is because Highlighting hair will make the use of markers and pains which have toxic chemicals in them. It may be essential to the paint and the hair but is definitely not welcomed by our skin. But the problems are not severe. You may see a little tanned skin and an upset stomach but it will go away after the first wash. Moreover, if the salon you visit take good care of you and do the job professionally, you will not suffer from any of these. Hence, Highlighting is safe as long as you take the necessary precautions.


Will the hair Highlighting stay permanently on my hair?

 No way. Highlighting will be permanent but with every wash, the color faints away and besides, your hair grows with natural color. Therefore, frequent touch-ups once every 2-3 months can help you keep the highlights more attractive and brighter. Such a visit won’t be expensive but it is absolutely necessary if you decide the keeps the highlight.