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Find & Book the best body waxing treatment at a great price anywhere all over Canada

Who doesn’t like a smooth, clean, glowing and healthy-looking skin? But the hair on them looks so gross. They hide the ultimate beauty of the body and the skin. They make the skin look dark and ugly. Removing the hair sounds like an ultimate plan. Read on to find the amazing art of full body waxing and hair removal.

What do you mean by full body wax? What does full body wax include?

As the word defines itself, a full body massage is complete removal of hair from your body. It includes every part of the body from the neck to underneath. The area under your arms, the hair on the chest, complete arms and legs, and the area around the crouch. The package often involves waxing facial hair as well, like the area above the upper lip, the tiny strands of hair on the neck, cheeks, and the chin, etc. This is an ultimate treatment for your skin and body and will make you beautiful, attractive, and will bring out and showcase your actual body.

Where can I get a good full body wax treatment near me in Canada?

If you live anywhere near Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary & Edmonton, well its a Christmas eve for you. will acquaint you with some of the best salons near you. These salons offer the best and the cleanest and hygienic full-body wax treatment you will ever experience. The professionals here have been through some intense training to give you a pain-free and completely satisfactory hair removal treatment. 

How much does a Full Body Wax treatment costs?

A good full body hair removal treatment will cost you anywhere between $100 to $350 depending on the type, wax, hygiene, and a ton of other factors. Jump on and book your slot today. Visit

Types of body waxing

Surprised? Yes, there are many body waxing types you can choose from. To be precise, there are types of waxes to choose from for a completely different experience. Typically, there are four such types that the salons offer:

Hot Waxing: just as you might have imagined, a small amount of wax is heated and is applied to your body part. The waxing strips are then pasted on the area of hair removal. Wait for a minute and pull. All the hair is removed. This is one of the most famous type of waxing treatments preferred by a majority of people around the world. One reason for it being popular is its precision while hair removal and the second being its efficiency. The job will be done in one stroke with extreme precision. You won’t have to repeat the process again and again.

Cold Waxing:  surprised? Yes, the cold waxing method is still being adopted and not just by a few people but a great number of people. In this technique, the wax is a semi-solid and is applied on the wax strip. It is then placed on the part of the skin for hair removal in a direction against the growth of hair. With a quick pull, every strand of hair will be pulled out. It sounds painful but to a surprise, it is a less painful experience than hot wax treatment and is long-lasting.

Soft Waxing: Both hot and cold waxing techniques can be used here the only difference being that the wax used is very soft.

Hard wax: Unlike any other waxing technique, in a hard waxing technique, just melt and apply the wax, let it dry and peel off with your hands. Easy-peasy. No strip of cloth required.

Who should get a full body wax? Can a pregnant woman get a full body wax?

Everyone, be it a male or a female, men or women, boy or a girl, if they want a healthy-looking skin with no unwanted hair lurking around in different parts of their body, must get their full-body waxed. But make sure you don’t do it very frequently. Waxing can lead to rashes and skin burns and doing it often can be bad for health.

A pregnant woman can definitely get her full body waxed. They usually see more hair growth during the time of pregnancy. This hair can sometimes be itchy. Removing them is the best solution. But care must be taken, Pregnant women and her baby are more prone to diseases and therefore they must get the wax treatment is a very clean and hygienic salon and with the type of wax that suits them.

Is Body Waxing painful?

Oh yes. Definitely. Waxing means the removal of unwanted hair from the roots embedded into your skin. Removing them will be painful and sometimes even bleed. But overall, the pain is tolerable.