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Every facial expression requires your eyebrows to twist and bend in a certain way and help in communicating in a more efficient way. But, nonetheless, you don’t usually care about the function of your eyebrows.

You only care about the way it looks and how you can make them look even more beautiful. Humans have found a number of ways to modify and alter their eyebrows. They do it by putting on makeup and by the removal of hair. You can choose from a number of treatments out there that offer removal of eyebrow hair.

There is threading, eyebrow waxing and also some people prefer laser hair removal treatment. This article will answer all your whys, hows, and wheres related to eyebrow waxing. Read on.

What is eyebrow waxing?

Eyebrow waxing is a technique of removal of hair around your eyebrows using hot or cold wax. In this method, a small amount of wax is heated and applied over the hair around your eyebrows. This wax is usually sticky and sticks to the hair. Now the sticky wax is pulled out which brings along the hair hence removing the hair from the root. Waxing can help you in getting the eyebrows to any shape, size or style that you like or that you believe will suit you.

Does Eyebrow waxing hurt?

Yes! Waxing involves the removal of hair by the root from the skin. The hair is being pulled out of your skin. It is very obvious that this will hurt. But if you go to a professional salon, The Esthetician, if a professional and experienced, will apply a tiny amount of numbing cream or gel before applying the wax. This way, you won’t feel a thing during waxing.

Does Eyebrow waxing leave scars?

No! Waxing eyebrows can make the waxed area reddish for a while, and it may appear to have swollen a little, but this is for a very short period of time. Apart from these, if done right, waxing eyebrows will never leave a scar or hurt you in any way.

Where can you get your eyebrows waxed professionally in Canada?

There are numerous salons and locations in Canada which have state of the art techs to wax eyebrows with precision. If you live in or around Ottawa, Winnipeg, saskatoon, London Ontario, Kelowna, Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, etc, visit Beautster. Here, you can find the best salons near you at the best and cheapest prices. 

How different is Eyebrow Waxing from threading?

Threading involves using a thread to twist and remove the hair by the root. This is a very old yet very neat way of hair removal. Though both the techniques involve removal of hair from the root, threading can be done more precisely. Waxing, on the other hand, cannot be used for very sensitive skin as the skin may react and redden the area. But waxing, when done right, gives a very clean look while threading me miss a few hairs here and there. But have their own pros and cons. You can choose anything that suits you the most.

How often can you wax your eyebrows? How long does a typical treatment last?

Doesn’t Matter. It totally depends on your hair growth speed. Some may wax every week while some can wait for a month for the additional hair to be seen. However, the frequency of waxing doesn’t create a lot of problems. If your skin can take the pain and heal itself, you can, perhaps, do it every other day. 

Is Eyebrow waxing safe during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, you will grow a lot of unwanted hair due to the change in hormones. Waxing, in general, is safe for you be it anywhere on your body. But precautions must be taken regarding the cleanliness and hygiene of the salon. will definitely help you out here.

What is the tinting of eyebrows?

Tinting is basically applying some sort of paint or sketch to the eyebrows to darken them. This is done to make the hair look thicker and denser and also tinting gives the eyebrows a definite shape and precise edges.

Does waxing eyebrows cost more than threading?

Not a lot. Usually, waxing and threading will cost you the same. But if you have a very specific requirement like using only a particular wax etc. then this may increase your expense. But yes! Waxing is quite affordable.

Go on and book an appointment at the best waxing salons in Canada and unbelievable prices today and get your eyebrows ready for the party.