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Book an appointment at the best blowdrying and styling salons in Canada

I am sure that you’ll like your hair to be denser, bumpy, or curly and more black. A little straight here and a little curled there. You may have many desires but not every one’s hair can do that. A few may have their hair too straight, too curly, too dry, or too moisturized and may not be able to style it according to what they believe will best suit them. 

Don’t worry. Blowdrying and styling will fulfill all your needs. It will help you get the hairstyle which would have been impossible otherwise. Book an appointment today and get the hairstyle you deserve.

What is Blowdrying?

Blowdrying is just drying your hair with a hot or cold air blower. This is usually done after a shower to get the hair set to the desired style. A lot of salons are famous exclusively for blowdrying air. They expertise in a blowout.  A lot of people also go to a salon just for blowdrying their hair. They don’t cut their hair, neither dye nor trim them just blowdry and style, and to a surprise, such salons are making tons of money providing this service.

How long does a blowdrying session last and how long does the style retain?

On average, a typical Blowdrying session lasts for about 45 minutes. 

The technician first wet the hair and towel dry it a little and let the hair retain a little water. He then uses air-blower, sets it up to a specific heat requirement, and starts blowing sir in the direction to achieve the hairstyle requested. 

They spend some time on every hair so that the air reaches and style the hair perfectly. He may apply some gel or cream on the hair to make the hair look wet and shiny. All this can take him up to 45 mins and typically this hairstyle can last for up to 5 days if you can take good care of it.

Are there any good blow-drying salon near be?

If you live in or around Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Ottawa, Winnipeg, saskatoon, London Ontario, or Kelowna, you can find some of the best salons of Canada. can acquaint you with the best salons nearby.

Here you can find the best and most positively reviewed salons for blow-dry and styling. They are professional and maintain hygiene to the maximum level possible while giving you the best care.

How often can you blowdry and style your hair and does it harm the hair?

A great blow-dry can give you style for up to 5 days but you can always come back and blowdry again. Blowdry will never harm your hair if you take all the necessary steps. Blowdrying hair will dehydrate your hair. It is, therefore, advisable to blowdry only when the hair has been washed and retains some water. 

The hair, otherwise, can lose water and nutrients and will dry and fall. Also, blowdrying must be done only to the hair and the roots of the hair must never feel the heat of the dryer. This can irritate the roots and the surface of the head and the gels holding your hair can dry up leading to falling of hair or providing a place for dandruff and lies. As long as you or the technician you are consulting takes care of these precautions, your hair will look healthy, shiny, and great after blowdrying.

How much does it cost to blowdry and style hair?

Blowdrying usually comes in a package along with a haircut. But if asked to Blowdry exclusively, then the cost of blow-drying is not so much. It is quite affordable at a local salon but if you choose a professional salon, they might charge you a lot. 

Some salons also charge you based on the hair you have and the hairstyle you choose. Short hair and long hair people may be charged differently. Your hair may be short, medium-length, shoulder-length, or maybe layered or curly. All these types may be charged differently as the time taken to blow dry such hair varies greatly. Some blow-dry salons also offer event-specific blow dry style hair. Try asking the professional for your needs.

Get up and Book your appointment today, You may be just a few minutes away from getting the best blowdrying and relaxation session and the best hairstyle you might have never dreamt of.