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Where can I get the best blowouts near me?

Beautster has gathered all the best blowout bars near you to help you make the best choice and book a hair blowout session in seconds!

Compare all different types of blowouts, from Brazilian blowouts to Dominican or Japanese blowouts, and take advice on the proper procedure for your hair! 

In this list, blowout prices are available with details about each service and the stylist's proficiency, so you can choose to go with an affordable and cheap blowout or book a seat with a prominent blowout bar near you.   


What are the different types of blowouts?

American Blowout

It is the most basic type of blowout available at almost every hair salon in the US. The stylist aims to create a smoother texture with large waves and small bends with the help of a blow-dryer and a round brush. It will give you a voluminous look in a couple of hours for under $100. 

American blowout can last a few days and up to a week, depending on your hair type, the humidity of the air, and the amount of dry shampoo used. Its effects are gone after a wash, swimming, or having your hair wet in any other way. It is a relatively safe procedure and can even get healthier with the application of heat protectants by the stylist. 

Dominican blowout

Like American blowout but with much more heat, Dominican blowout is another straightforward hair wash and blow-drying routine which caters to thicker or curlier hair. As the blow-drying is more extreme and applies more heat, the procedure of washing, styling, and drying and finally achieving sleek and straight hair takes less than an hour in total. The results last as long if not longer than the American counterpart and will start to fade with a splash of water. Despite generally taking more time than an American blowout, if you book a seat at an authentic Dominican blowout bar, you can expect to pay half the price or even less, for about $40.

Brazilian Blowout

The signature hair treatment of Brazil adds a Keratin solution to the process of blow-drying to smooth and strengthen the hair strands, to fix it on the hair later with all the heat. It lasts for about four months and is a permanent hair blowout. There is a catch, however. Brazilian blowout is a chemical treatment that uses highly toxic materials such as formaldehyde to break down the frizz.   

Formaldehyde is a dissolvent found in many other beauty products as well. Its primary function is to break down the protein molecules, paving the way for any alterations to the structure of the hair. It has plenty of side effects, from weakening the hair and resulting in hair loss, split ends, and breakage to seriously irritating your skin, lungs, and eyes due to its toxicity. The application takes a few hours and will set you back a hefty $250 to $500, depending on your hair length, hair type, and the level of the blowout bar. 

Japanese Blowout

One of the most intense hair blowouts out there, Japanese blowouts heavily rely on different kinds of chemical products to fully straighten the harshest of curls and the smallest of waves. It is a costly treatment, ranging between $450 to $900, and takes a severe toll on your hair if repeated over and over again. The effective duration of Japanese blowout is relatively permanent, meaning the chemicals will change your hair forever until new hair grows out. Your hair will look extremely smooth, sleeker than any naturally straight hair. And due to the weird contrast between pin-straight ends and naturally coily roots that will happen after a few months, you should consider touch-up sessions now and then or go with a less effective treatment to maintain a believable look. 

Japanese blowout is the most powerful of them all, which also means that it poses the highest possible risk to your hair. So if you already have damaged, colored, thin, or dry hair, it would be better to go with a Brazilian blowout. 


What is a blowout at a salon?

Salon blowouts start with washing your hair thoroughly, using a blow-dryer to dry your hair with a round brush, and ironing your hair with a straightener for the last touch-ups. This is the most basic form of blowouts, but stylists can do several types of hair blowouts in various blowout bars. It is possible to add a few extra steps to the process by requesting add-ons such as Keratin, hair protection masks, or particular treatments for damaged hair. 

How much should I pay for a blowout?

Like any other beauty treatment, blowout prices mainly vary depending on your blowout bar of choice. A basic blowout will range from $50 to $120 based on the blowout salon's location, reputation, and level of expertise. Blowouts at high-end salons will surely cost more than a quick blowout at a cheap blowout bar in a mall.

Choosing special treatments such as a Brazilian or Japanese blowout will significantly increase the prices, as it would take much more time and used products. Be prepared to pay from $250 to $600 for a particular blowout, which may prove to be a reasonable price because of the effective timespan, stunning sleekness, and extra manageability. 

Is blowout good for hair?

Heat is one of the main harmful factors when it comes to damaging your hair, and blowouts use heat to soften and shape the hair more smoothly. But the heat projected by a blow-dryer is considerably less than a flat iron or a curling rod. So instead of using straighteners daily, going throw a blowout treatment every once in a while can reduce the amount of heat absorbed by your hair. This is why blowouts have proven to be a healthier choice for styling your hair. 

Does a blowout include a wash?

A regular blowout involves a hair wash, conditioning, and styling your hair into a preferable look with a blow-dryer. A blowout relies on blow-drying your hair into a shiny, straight, and voluminous style, so your stylist will almost always include a wash in your blowout package as wet hair is more manageable. Some blowout bars leave the task of hair washing to the client to reduce the prices and the time spent at the salon, but that is a rare case. 

You now have some knowledge about blowouts and the best blowout hair salons near you, so from the long list of available blowout bars, choose the best option for yourself and book a seat right away!