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Book the Best Kids Haircuts at Great Prices at a Canadian Salon Near You in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary and Toronto 

Most parents would agree that their child’s first kids haircut and hairstyle can either be a fun and enjoyable experience or quite the opposite. Since it’s common for children to be shy, apprehensive or scared of experiences that are brand new to them, it’s important for parents to prepare their little ones for their first kids cut. Since not all salons or barber shops welcome or have experience with kids haircuts, it’s worth it to do some research and browse through the latest salons near you offering kids cuts.

Book Kids Haircuts at Great Prices Near You in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary and Toronto

Parents can easily find a salon nearby on Beautster’s unique online marketplace. Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary and Toronto are currently listed on the marketplace, with plans to expand to Winnipeg, Surrey and beyond in the near future. 

Where can I find kid-friendly salons offering kids cuts?

Short attention spans, squirmy bodies and nerves can make kids haircuts challenging, so let an experienced and patient professional create cool and cute styles for your child. A little bit of research on Beautster’s online marketplace will help you easily find portfolio images of kids cuts done at nearby salons. Browse through images for boys and for girls, show a few pictures to your child to get them excited about their appointment, and let them choose a style they like best. Salons who are experienced with kids cuts are knowledgeable about the latest easy to maintain looks, so you can be sure that you’ll be able to brush and style your little one’s hair at home without a fuss.

How much does a kids haircut cost?

Prices for kids haircuts are much lower than adult cuts, and many kids cuts salons offer base pricing or prices based on your child’s age. Typically, 12 years old is the cutoff age, after which the cost varies. Many salons charge about $10+ for kids cut, and some even include things like temporary spray-on hair colour, bows, or colourful clip-in hair extensions to add a little extra fun at the end of the appointment. 

Cool kids haircut designs 2019 

Your little one deserves a great cut that they’ll love, so skip at-home haircuts and take them to a fun kids cuts salon where they’ll be able to choose from the latest kids haircuts designs. Your little toddler can get an undercut, a cool spiky look or even a kid-friendly comb-over style. Popular kids haircut designs include a side pompadour, buzz cuts with a tapered fade, layered mohawks, and undercuts. Whether they have short hair or long hair, your kids cut stylist can recommend a great cut you’ll both love.

Highlights and hair colours safe for kids 

If your little one has been asking you for highlights or a fun hair colour, it might be tempting to give in and let them experiment, but before you do, it’s best to educate yourself about what’s safe and what’s unsafe for your child’s fine hair and sensitive scalp. Spray-on or temporary colours that wash out after a few shampoos are generally safe, but it’s always best to read labels first and ask your kids cuts stylist. 

Shampoo that is safe for kids 

Natural hair care products that are tear-free and made without parabens and sulphates are best for your little one’s hair since they don’t contain harsh chemicals or strong smells and they won’t irritate their eyes. Fresh fruity scents, plant-based formulas, or fragrance-free options are all available for parents and kids to choose from.