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Best roller set hair salons near me? They are all here in Beautster!

You can find the best roller set hair salons around you, along with their services, pricing, and reviews, in Beautster roller set hair salon list!

We will guide you through different types of roller sets, from foam to Velcro roller sets, to help you choose the best option for yourself and book a seat within a minute!

What Are Roller Sets?

Roller sets are circular tools that allow you to wrap your hair around them. They are designed to lock damp hair until dried into a specific shape. You can use roller sets to either curl up straight hair, loosen the curls into bigger ones, or even straighten the frizzy and curly hair by wrapping it tightly to prevent the curls from happening. 

Plenty of different roller sets can be found in a roller set hair salon, but they all follow a similar procedure. The main reason behind the invention of hair rollers was to omit the need to apply direct heat on the hair, like flat irons or curling wands. You tie up your hair around the barrel-shaped rollers and wait until your hair dries to enjoy the beautiful curls on your hair. You can apply indirect heat like a blow dryer or use salon dryers to speed up the process or further style your hair.

Roller sets are used in many hair treatments, blowouts, and other beauty techniques too. One of the most notable examples of their inclusion can be seen in many Dominican roller set hair salons. In a Dominican blowout, which is a straightening method at heart, the stylists wash the curly hair, wrap it around roller sets, and put it under a hood dryer for 45 minutes. Then they open up the hair, apply conditioners, and use blow dryers to style the hair that is much more manageable, thanks to the roller sets.    

Different Types Of Roller Sets

Foam Rollers

Foam rollers can be used on all hair types. They are used primarily to add a volume to curls or loosen the waves. You do not need any heat to use foam rollers as they can be used with dry hair overnight. It is better to secure the roller sets further from the hairline to avoid pulling your hair. Remove the rollers in the morning, brush your hair gently, or comb your hair with your fingers to feel the curls and waves!

Velcro Rollers 

One of the most prominent roller sets ever, Velcro rollers are some of the most versatile rollers applied to any hair and age. By choosing your preferred size of Velcro rollers, you can easily create large and loose or smaller and tight curls. Velcro rollers do not need any heat to be applied, making them an excellent choice for natural hair and hair extensions.

Steam Rollers

Steam rollers use much less heat than the likes of flat irons or curling wands to make various curl patterns of your choice. To create a curl, you better apply them at the tip of your strands and roll them towards the scalp. For more of a wave, use the steam rollers away from the scalp and wrap the hair around them to create voluminous waves. The process of using steam rollers is relatively simple, regardless of your desired results. Just leave them on your hair for 20 minutes until they lose the heat, and remove them to relish the beautiful curls and waves!


Flexi Rods do not need any extra equipment, just like Velcro roller sets. All you have to do is twirl your hair around these flexible rollers, which take shape in any way you want them to. You can use Flexi Rods to create little ringlets and small curls of any size you like. Another usage of Flexi Rods is to loosen the curls or smoothen the kinky or coily hair. The best way to use Flexi Rods is attaching them to damp hair after applying conditioners or hair masks. Then, you can wait for them to dry over time or apply low heat. Once your hair is dried, you can remove the rollers and put your fingers through the curls to widen them up. 

Jumbo Rollers

A better option for dense, thick, or longer hair, Jumbo rollers can achieve plenty of waves and wide curls to give you a fabulous celebrity-like look. Their specialty is offering you uniform waves that seamlessly flow in the same direction. Usually applied with some heat, Jumbo rollers can be used for formal occasions, photoshoots, and even casual styles because of their sleekness and curl fluidity. 

Are roller sets good for your hair?

Roller sets can bring plenty of desirable effects to your hair, from curling your hair to stretching your existing curls and achieving attractive natural looks. The main advantage of going to a roller set hair salon is not undergoing a lot of heat and chemical exposure which makes roller sets a great alternative to more stressful methods out there. 

Chemical transformations can lead to many side effects and health hazards and prevent your hair from going through its natural growth and maintenance process. 

Roller sets have a well-established reputation in the beauty community and are recommended to plenty of beauty seekers with various hair characteristics. As long as they are kept clean, applied correctly, and maintained properly, they can get you closer to the look of your dreams without going through any significant disadvantages or breaking the bank.

How do you roller set your own hair?

Although a stylist can have more control and focus when applying roller sets, they can be applied by the user as well. The process is not very complicated, but it needs some practice to be perfected. 

You should start with washing, rinsing, and conditioning your hair. Dry it with a towel until it is damp but not thoroughly dry. Clip your hair into 6 to 10 sections and spray some leave-in conditioners into each area. Apply a little oil to your palm and rub it over the hair and separately on each section as well. 

Try adding some detangler and start detangling each area with a small comb. Take one section of the detangled hair and create a smaller piece. Clip the rest of that part back. Larger sections will take much longer to dry and will not result as straight as the smaller ones. 

Start rolling each small section of your hair until there is no part left unrolled. The important point is to make sure each section is rolled in the opposite direction of the section next to it. If you have a hood dryer, sit under it to dry your hair completely. If not, thoroughly dry your hair with a blow dryer until there is no dampness to be felt. 

Once your hair is dry, open up the rollers one by one in a manner that does not disturb its form relative to its rolling direction. Oil up the strands and divide each curl until every section is separate, and you can touch each bouncy, sleek, and beautiful wave!

How long does a roller set last on natural hair?

Roller sets can be effective for about a week and up to 10 days if maintained properly. You can do some techniques to extend your curls' lifetime further. After the first initial roller set, using softer rollers can help you maintain your curls. Just take a few Velcro rollers every now and then and twirl sections of your hair around them.

You may wrap your curls around pin curls and secure them with a hairpin or hair clip every night to have your curls last longer. 

You can also gently tie your long curls into a loose ponytail up top. Make sure to have a breathable tie that allows your hair to move smoothly and not disrupt the curls or leave tie marks.

Does rolling hair everyday damage it?

The lack of the need for applying heat and chemicals was the best thing about roller sets. Now, if applied with excessive heat and harsh chemicals, a trip to a roller set hair salon can be as damaging as many other hair treatments. 

Velcro rollers are great little tools that allow users to get creative with their curls. But if misapplied, as if wrapped too tightly, too close to the scalp, or dried with a lot of heat, it can undoubtedly pull and damage the hair. Once you misuse Velcro rollers, it is highly likely to detach some hair every time you open up the rollers due to their strong ties with the hair. 

Foam rollers dehydrate the hair to keep the curls fixed for some time. If you do not use hair nourishment and aftercare, you may deteriorate your hair with extensive usage of foam rollers, resulting in dull and dry hair. 

Flexi Rods are rarely applied with heat, but they may be subject to plenty of misuses due to their ever-changing form. If used incorrectly with an inappropriate shape, they may cause breakage, tangling, and hair loss. 

Whether you want to use roller sets yourself and need professional advice, or if you are going to pay a visit to a roller set hair salon, Beautster has gathered the best roller set options around you! With detailed service descriptions, reviews, client photos, and prices, compare each salon and stylist, choose the best option, and book a seat right away!