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A dense, thick, well-maintained beard will attack every woman out there. And who doesn’t like one? It shows your manliness. It makes you feel confident and empowering. It will seem as if you are ready to fight a bear or catch a fish with bare hands and seize the day. Well, as cool and manly as it sounds, it is not very easy to grow and maintain a beard. A beard will do you nothing if you cannot maintain it for people to praise. This article will acquaint you with ways to grow and maintain a beard in the best way possible.

How to choose a suitable beard style?

The question of the decade (as you can say): Which beard style will suit me?

Well, having a good beard is just the first step. Its how you cut, trim and maintain it to suit you which will make the difference. There are many factors that will decide the kind of beard style you should choose that will suit you. For example: 

The shape of your face: You may have a rectangular-shaped face or an oval-shaped face, round or a square face, It will affect your choice of beard style big time.

Choose long beard, short beard, mustache, a neckline beard of a faded beard, It should go along your face.

Your maximum beard length: Yes. everyone’s beard will grow only to a certain extent and will stop. It totally depends on the DNA. Based on your maximum beard growth, you can curate your own beard style.

Color of your beard: Some colors of bear won’t look nicer if grown fully while some need to be longer in order to create that impression. It will depend on the face shape and skin tone as well.

Thickness and denseness of beard: Definitely a criteria to consider. If you do not have a dense, thick, and patch free beard, any style of bear won’t suit you no matter what you do. There are many cures available for the purpose in the market. Nourish your beard to grow and show.

How long should you grow a beard before the first trim?

Well, that totally depends on how quickly your beard grows. But in general, for the people who are new to growing beards, wait for at least 4 weeks. You may start feeling itchiness and would want to just move your fingers through the hair but stop. Don’t do it. Let every single hair grow and be patient. Give it a slight shape after the completion of four weeks without cutting a lot of hair and let it grow again. Make sure you keep washing the beard and nourishing them. Argan oil is extremely good for a beard. This technique of beard growth will slowly bore you the best beard improving your charm and manly hood.

Should I shave or trim my beard?

This is a question you already have an answer to. But let me take you through some tips:

Shaving will clean your face right from the root. It will make your skin and face look a very clean and sophisticated look. Trimming can never give you that look. 

Many people feel itchiness and irritation after a shave. Trimming the hair may make the area look dark and unattractive but will never cause irritation like shaving does. Sometimes, shaving may also lead to sideburns.

Trimming offers you an option to keep the beard and trimming off the extra unevenly grown hair but shaving offers only clean or no clean options.

Where can I get the best Beard Barber near me?

If you live anywhere near Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary & Edmonton, well you are damn lucky. will acquaint you with some of the best salons near you. These salons offer the best, cleanest, hygienic, and precise Beard Trimming service experience in the whole country. The salon and the professionals who work here have been through some intense training to provide the most modern and sophisticated beard trimming experience in Canada.  

How much does a Beard Trim costs? 

A typical beard trimming session will cost you anywhere between $10 - $20 but if you choose clip and trim, the package may cost you around $50.

How much should you tip for a beard trim?

If you genuinely liked the service and the trimmed beard, you can tip him as much as 15-20% of the entire bill. This will make the professional beard barber remember you and the kind of service you will require and can serve you in a much better way the next time you come.

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