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Find & get the best haircut and shave near you all over Canada at affordable prices

Choosing the best haircut and shave style is not just an idea, it is science.  Many people, just like you, do not know what hairstyle will suit them and what kind of beard they should wear. They enter the salon having no clue on what to do and end up getting a boring hairstyle that neither suits them not do they like it. This article will be your cheat sheet and will ensure you get only what you want and deserve for your body and face. Read on.

Different Face, Different hairstyle

It is absolutely true that your face cut and shape will have an effect on your hairstyle. The following guide will help you find out your style:

Oval Shaped face: If you have an oval face, A pushed back look, side-parted, or a fringed up look will suit you. You can check out Tom cruise’s or Ben Affleck’s pictures to find out what kind of hairstyle you like. They have really locked some of the styles on their oval-shaped face.

Square Face: Such a face has a very well defined jaw. Any ultra-masculine hairstyle will suit such a face. Other than these, an undercut, military cut, faux-wk, or a slicked-back styled hair will suit them.

Rounded face: Such faces are usually wide and tall and to add to the glamour any haircut, which adds an additional height, width, or volume will fit you and give you a very balanced look. A one-sided shaved cut or faux cuts will definitely go with your face and give you a gentlemen look.

How much is an ‘optimal’ beard for your face?

Just like the hairstyle, the kind of beard will also depend on the kind of face shape you have. But that is a different topic altogether. This section will help you analyze the ideal size of a beard that will suit you.

Step 1: Consult

You can always ask your friends, colleagues, and professional barber as well for what size of bear will suit you. You can also keep looking in the mirror now and then to see if that beard suits you or what kind of beard will.

Step 2: Trial and error

As mentioned earlier, styling is science. Try different sized, length, width, dense, etc. beard on you. It may take a few months but will give you the best-fit beard for your face.

ALTERNATIVELY, Get a Hot Shave or a good trim. Nothing looks more manly and gentlemen like a clean shaved charming man. A hat shave will make you look clean and sophisticated attracting every woman out there.

Where to get a haircut and shave near me in Canada?

If you live anywhere near Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary & Edmonton, well you are extremely lucky. Beautster will acquaint you with some of the best salons near you. These salons offer the best, cleanest, and the most sophisticated haircut of your choice. The Men’s Haircut salon here has professionals who work here are sent to a professional training center every few months to stay updated with the trend. They are thoroughly trained and are made to practice, again and again, to give you the best haircut of your life. 

How much does a Haircut & Shave costs?

A simple Men’s haircut in a downtown barbershop will cost you anywhere between $10 to $50. If you also require a shave, probably add another $5 or $10 to the haircut’s bill.

Stay trendy. Top hairstyles for you in 2020:

This list will help you update your knowledge on today's trendy looks and styles. Here’s a list of the top 10 most loved hairstyles in the world. Find your fit.

  • Crew Cut
  • UnderCut
  • Disconnected Undercut
  • Low Fade
  • Mid Fade
  • Side part 
  • Buzz cut
  • Ceaser Cut
  • French crop
  • Hight Fade

Quick tips to find your suitable barbershop

Having a barber who understands your needs is like a dream come true. This will never be the case with everyone as most of you wouldn’t be able to find one for you. Maybe these following tips will help you find one:

  • Try every men’s salon in and around your city
  • Bookmark the ones who ask a lot of questions of your needs and hairstyles
  • See if they ask your feedback and how they can improve at your next visit
  • Check out their social media posts
  • Ask questions and test their knowledge on the job.

It may take a little time but you will find one for yourself.