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Find and Book the best acrylic nails salon near me in Canada

In very layman words, Acrylic Nails are fake nails. They are popular by many names such as false nails, fashion nails or nail extensions, etc. 

These are artificially designed nails that are fixed over your nails as a fashion accessory. Everyone desires to have long and beautiful nails BUT sometimes even with proper care, you can’t grow and maintain long and strong nails with desirable shape.  Acrylic nails have become a blessing for such people. 

How are acrylic nails made and applied?

Acrylic nails are, in very simple words, a mixture of a certain type of specially curated powder and a liquid. This liquid is usually a monomer developed in labs. They are designed to give the exact texture, color, and look similar to the original nails. You won’t be able to differentiate between what’s real and fake.

The powder and the monomer is mixed thoroughly and is applied to your nails in the shape you desire and is left to dry. Once dried, they form a solid layer and when polished, you won’t be able to figure out if the nail is real or fake. The technician will use certain nail forms chosen by you to give these nails a more natural texture and edges.

Is Acrylic Nails Harmful? Can they damage your natural nails?

No! Acrylic nails are absolutely safe. But little care must always be taken.  Acrylic nails are really high maintenance and also application of these nails involves the use of solvents, glues, and powders which will touch your skin. Hence the products you choose must be safe and probably organic.  Also, you need to make sure your nails are strong enough to handle these faux nails. They may be weak, malnutrition, or even broken. Hence, before the application of acrylic nails, you must prep your nails. 

Can you have acrylic nails while pregnant?

These nails are also totally safe for pregnant women as long as they take care of the fumes during their application. The solvent used here releases a certain fume which must be safely discarded or else can create health problems to the one inhaling them.

If proper care is taken, then acrylic nails can cause you no harm of any kind.

Where can I find good nail salons near me to do the Acrylic Nails? 

If you live in or around Ottawa, Mississauga, Winnipeg, Mississauga, Hamilton, Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, etc in Canada, some of the finest Nail salons are situated here. You can visit to find some of them nearby.

What options do I have in choosing the Artificial Nails? How are they different from Gel nails?

You have tons of options if you want to get fake nails. You can choose the color of your nails, the shape, the design, and the size of the nail, Short or long. The nail can be polished with red, blue, yellow, pink, white, black, or multi-color if you choose so. They can also be customized to the festival you want it for. 

You may have different ideas for Halloween, Christman, New Year, etc. everything is possible with acrylic nails. You can get them on any and all of your fingers or toes. Acrylic nails are very strong and sturdy. They can be utilized for longer times whereas a gel-based nail won’t last as long. But gel nails give the nails a more natural and shinier look.

Acrylic Nails sound Expensive! Are they? Is it worth the money?

Absolutely not. Acrylic nails are fairly cheap. They are difficult to maintain though. These fake nails can be put on at any nail salon and spa around you. It is the service that you choose that will make a difference. If you need a very professional, highly sophisticated technician, you may have to pay a little more than the price of the same at a local salon but all in all, getting acrylic nails is very cheap and affordable. 

How much does acrylic nails cost?

Generally, any decent salon should charge you anywhere between $10 to $60 for one standard set of nails. But seeing at the need and how acrylic nails can be useful, getting them is very much worth the money.

How long do Acrylic Nails last?

Acrylic Nails can last from 1 week to 8 weeks depending on how you maintain it. It also depends on the quality of the material of the nail. A well-maintained nail can last easily for 6-8 weeks before it starts to deteriorate and needs to be removed. 

How to remove or take off acrylic nails?

Removing an acrylic nail is also a very simple job. Each nail must be soaked in acetone for a few minutes till the acrylic material becomes very soft. Once it softens, cleaning the nails with a tissue or a cloth piece will remove the matter. But extensive acetone can damage your natural nail bed. Hence it is advisable to let the professional technician do the job. You can also apply any kind of gels or paints on them, the acrylic nails won’t mind and will last for as long as it is maintained, cleaned and filled regularly.

Want some great nails. Be it summer, winter, autumn or spring, Book your appointment at the nearest salon and get the best looking nails for you.