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Find and Book best nail removal services near you at the best clinics

It is not necessary that your nail will never face any problems however nicely you take care of it. Your nail may get injured while playing a basketball match or there might be another nail growing inside giving you tremendous pain or maybe your nail has caught up some very serious infection. 

All these cases will require you to remove the nail to prevent it from suffering and spreading. This article will guide you through the necessary steps for nail removal, both at home and clinics, and how you can find the right clinic for the job. Read on. 

What is Nail Removal? 

Nail removal can be of two types - Removal of your actual nail from the skin or Removal of the additional artificial nail you had put on earlier. Both these techniques are meant to be operated under certain conditions and using completely different methods to stop the spread.  

Removal of Original Nail: 

As already mentioned, the original nail needs removal if you are suffering from pain, infection, or an injury. The removal of such nails is usually done surgically. Based on the severity of the situation, the operator can choose to remove only the defected part of the whole nail from the avulsion. The doctor will sedate you or the part to get operated on and then removes the nail without you feeling the pain. Sometimes, to avoid infection, the doctors will destroy the nail matrix as well. 

Removal of Nail Extension: 

Nail extensions are artificial nails you have employed to give your nails a beautiful look and precise shape. These are stuck over your nails are comparatively easy to remove. You can either hire a professional or do it on your own - But doing it by yourself can be a little tricky and can end up damaging your nails. Put your nails in cosmetically graded acetone and after a few seconds rinse off the acetone. The gel materials will melt out bringing out the original nail for display. 

Note: Using cosmetic acetone is highly recommended. Chemical acetone can harm your nails and skin in severe ways. Hiring a professional for the job will help you save from the trouble. 

Where can you get the best nail removal service in Canada? 

Based on the nail removal requirement, you might get tricked into the wrong clinic. Visiting can help you find the clinic you precisely require. The site has sorted down and listed out some of the best Nail Removal clinics and salons in Toronto, Edmonton, Vancouver, Calgary. They have a good number of clinics in each category. You can check out the services they provide, read the reviews, and check out the price list to find the best clinic that suits your need and budget. Visit today. 

How long does a typical Nail Removal surgery take? 

Initial, the doctor will anesthetize you, and based on your body, it may take some time for the toe area to get numb. Once safe, the surgery usually takes only a few minutes. You will probably be out in an hour or less. 

The non-surgery removal will just take around 10 mins to get the acrylic nails, gel nails or powder dip nails removed. 

How long does it take to grow back the nail after removal? 

If you have removed the fake nail, maybe wait for a week for the nail to heal and you can get a new set of nails. But if you have undergone a surgery for the nail removal, it may take up to 6 months to grow back the nail. 

How much does it cost for a nail removal service? 

A good professional Nail removal service will cost you anywhere between $35 to $60 plus the taxes and the tip. Visit to compare the prices for the service at salons near you.  

Does Nail Removal Hurt? 

Removal of Shellac nails, gel nails, or any other fake nails won't hurt so much as the process involves dipping the nail in acetic acid. But if wrongly done, it may lead to burns, infections, etc. It is always a good option to hire a professional for jobs that involve any part of your body.