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A boutique salon & spa located in the heart of #yegdt dedicated to beauty for your lifestyle.

Mens Manicure and Pedicure
Corporate Manicure 30 minQuestion Mark Icon
Corporate Pedicure 45 minQuestion Mark Icon
Arm Wax
Full Arm WaxingQuestion Mark Icon
Half Arm WaxingQuestion Mark Icon
UnderarmQuestion Mark Icon
Body Waxing
Men's Waxing - NoseQuestion Mark Icon
Neck WaxingQuestion Mark Icon
Half Back or Chest WaxingQuestion Mark Icon
Full Back or Chest WaxingQuestion Mark Icon
Full Back & Chest WaxingQuestion Mark Icon
Shoulders WaxingQuestion Mark Icon
Men's Waxing - EarsQuestion Mark Icon
Men's Waxing - Ears & EyebrowsQuestion Mark Icon
Men's Waxing - LipQuestion Mark Icon
Men's Waxing - ChinQuestion Mark Icon
Men's Waxing - NeckQuestion Mark Icon
Men's Waxing - ShouldersQuestion Mark Icon
Men's Waxing - Half ArmQuestion Mark Icon
Men's Waxing - Full ArmQuestion Mark Icon
Men's Waxing - Half LegQuestion Mark Icon
Men's Waxing - Full LegQuestion Mark Icon
Men's Waxing - Half Back or ChestQuestion Mark Icon
Men's Waxing - Full Back or ChestQuestion Mark Icon
Men's Waxing - Full Back & ChestQuestion Mark Icon
Mens Facials
Icon Men's FacialsQuestion Mark Icon
Corporate Men's FacialsQuestion Mark Icon
Micro Retinol Facial Peel Men'sQuestion Mark Icon
Men's Back Facial 45minQuestion Mark Icon
Eye & Lip Treatment
De-Stress Eye Treatment - add onQuestion Mark Icon
ICON Pedicure + Gel Polish 90minQuestion Mark Icon
ICON Pedicure 75 minQuestion Mark Icon
Classic Pedicure + Gel Polish 75minQuestion Mark Icon
Classic Pedicure 60minQuestion Mark Icon
Corporate Pedicure 45minQuestion Mark Icon
Partial HighlightsQuestion Mark Icon
Full HighlightsQuestion Mark Icon
Color and HighlightsQuestion Mark Icon
Eyebrow Wax
Eyebrow WaxQuestion Mark Icon
Leg Wax
Full Leg & BrazilianQuestion Mark Icon
Full Leg & BikiniQuestion Mark Icon
Full Leg WaxingQuestion Mark Icon
Half Leg WaxingQuestion Mark Icon
Men's PermingQuestion Mark Icon
Women's PermingQuestion Mark Icon
Wash, Blow Dry & Braid - 60 minQuestion Mark Icon
Braid - 30 minQuestion Mark Icon
Dry Styling & Braid - 45 minQuestion Mark Icon
Wedding Makeup
Wash + Blow Dry or Dry Curl SetQuestion Mark Icon
Bridal HairQuestion Mark Icon
BRIDAL PARTY - Lash Application & LinerQuestion Mark Icon
BRIDAL PARTY - Add on LashesQuestion Mark Icon
BRIDAL PARTY - Eyes Only Makeup ApplicaQuestion Mark Icon
BRIDAL PARTY - Full FaceMakeupQuestion Mark Icon
BRIDAL PARTY - Youth Dressed HairQuestion Mark Icon
BRIDAL PARTY - Dressed HairQuestion Mark Icon
BRIDAL PARTY - Bridal HairQuestion Mark Icon
Bridal Makeup TrialQuestion Mark Icon
Bridal Hair TrialQuestion Mark Icon
Bridal MakeupQuestion Mark Icon
COSMETIC TATTOO-EybrowQuestion Mark Icon
COSMETIC TATTOO- LipsQuestion Mark Icon
EyelinerQuestion Mark Icon
Hair Treatment
Olaplex - Add onQuestion Mark Icon
Kevin Murphy Masque - add onQuestion Mark Icon
Hair Style
Dressed Hair 60 min to 90 minQuestion Mark Icon
Hair Extensions
BRIDAL PARTY - Add ExtensionsQuestion Mark Icon
Add Clip-In ExtensionsQuestion Mark Icon
Eyelash Extensions
Icon Volume Full SetQuestion Mark Icon
Classic Full SetQuestion Mark Icon
Lash Extension RemovalQuestion Mark Icon
Back Treatment
Back Facial 45minQuestion Mark Icon
Lip Wax
Lip WaxQuestion Mark Icon
Face Wax
Full Face WaxingQuestion Mark Icon
Ear & Eyebrows WaxingQuestion Mark Icon
Ear WaxingQuestion Mark Icon
Balayage / Hair PaintingQuestion Mark Icon
Shampoo and Blow Dry
Wash & Blow Dry - 60 minQuestion Mark Icon
Mens Eyebrow Services
Men's Waxing - BrowsQuestion Mark Icon
All Over Color
Single Process / All Over ColorQuestion Mark Icon
Face Peel
Micro Retinol Facial Peel (Series of 5)Question Mark Icon
Micro Retinol Facial Peel 60minQuestion Mark Icon
Nail Art
Fill-inQuestion Mark Icon
Nail Art starting at $2/nailQuestion Mark Icon
Nail Fix $8/nailQuestion Mark Icon
New SetQuestion Mark Icon
Bleach and Tone
Double Process Color / Bleach & ToneQuestion Mark Icon
Eyebrow Touch Up
Eyebrow Touch-Up (Up to 1.5 years)Question Mark Icon
Eyebrow Touch-Up (1.5 to 2 years)Question Mark Icon
Toner and Gloss
Tone GlossQuestion Mark Icon
Tone Gloss - Add onQuestion Mark Icon
Make up - Lash Application-15 minQuestion Mark Icon
Gel Polish Manicure with Removel 60minQuestion Mark Icon
Gel Polish Manicure 45min​​Question Mark Icon
Classic Manicure 45minQuestion Mark Icon
ICON Manicure 60 minQuestion Mark Icon
Corporate Manicure 30 min​Question Mark Icon
Makeup Lessons
Makeup LessonQuestion Mark Icon
Bikini Wax
Bikini WaxQuestion Mark Icon
Eyebrow Tint
Eyebrow TintQuestion Mark Icon
Eyelash Tint
Eyelash TintQuestion Mark Icon
Volume Lashes
Icon Volume Standard Fill 60 - 75minQuestion Mark Icon
Icon Volume Touch Up Fill 45 - 60minQuestion Mark Icon
OmbreQuestion Mark Icon
Line up and Taper
Neck Clean UpQuestion Mark Icon
Beauty & Spa Packages
RED CARPET READYQuestion Mark Icon
PROM GLAMQuestion Mark Icon
BRIDAL PACKAGES - ICON BrideQuestion Mark Icon
BRIDAL PACKAGES - Classic BrideQuestion Mark Icon
BRIDAL PACKAGES - Try on ICONQuestion Mark Icon
Relaxing Massage
Back & Neck Massage - add onQuestion Mark Icon
Corporate Facial 60minQuestion Mark Icon
Icon Facial 75minQuestion Mark Icon
Classic Facial 60minQuestion Mark Icon
Makeup Application
Make up - Perfectly Polished 60 minQuestion Mark Icon
Make up - The Executive 45 minQuestion Mark Icon
Make up - Finishing Touch 30minQuestion Mark Icon
Men's Haircut
Men's HaircutQuestion Mark Icon
Mens Hair Style
Men's Wash & StyleQuestion Mark Icon
Brazilian Wax
Brazilian WaxQuestion Mark Icon
Chin Wax
Chin WaxQuestion Mark Icon
Mens Hair Color
Highlights & BalayageQuestion Mark Icon
Men's Hair ColouringQuestion Mark Icon
​Grey BlendingQuestion Mark Icon
Airbrush Spray Tan - Series of 9Question Mark Icon
Airbrush Spray Tan - Series of 6Question Mark Icon
Airbrush Spray Tan - Series of 3Question Mark Icon
Airbrush Spray Tan - on ThursdaysQuestion Mark Icon
Customized Airbrush Spray Tan 30minQuestion Mark Icon
Classic Fill
Classic Standard FillQuestion Mark Icon
Classic Touch Up FillQuestion Mark Icon
Beard Trim
Beard TrimQuestion Mark Icon
Women's Haircut
Bang TrimQuestion Mark Icon
Women's HaircutQuestion Mark Icon


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Monday10:00 AM - 17:00 PM
Tuesday10:00 AM - 20:00 PM
Friday10:00 AM - 19:00 PM
Wednesday10:00 AM - 18:00 PM
Thursday10:00 AM - 20:00 PM
Saturday10:00 AM - 17:00 PM
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129 10150 Jasper Avenue NW Edmonton | Main Level Commerce Place

Alberta - Edmonton